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What accessory will help me find my belongings in my handbag?

Handbag Flashlights

How many times have you rummaged around in your handbag looking for your keys, a pack of gum, or your cell phone? Sometimes your purse probably looks like a black hole, and no matter how hard you search, you can't find a thing. Whether it's a dark night and you're looking for your car keys, the inside fabric in your purse is too dark, or you just have far too much junk stashed in your purse you can definitely benefit from a handbag flashlight. Some purses actually come with a light built in; whenever you open your bag, the light turns on. If your purse doesn't have this feature, you can buy a separate light specially designed for your purse. Etravelergear.com has a cute lipstick shaped one, but for one that can clip onto the strap of your purse, check out the extra bright mini flashlights at www.fireworksfx.com/photon.html.

How can I protect my cell phone in my handbag?

Cell Phone Case

Cell phones are extremely fragile, yet most people merely throw their phone in their handbag after talking on it. Being thrown in with everything else in the bag can cause your phone to become scratched and damaged. In order to protect your cell phone when traveling with it, you should have a cell phone case.

Cell phone cases come in many different styles and you can choose the one that's best for you. Some cases hug the phone so that you can flip the phone open and closed without taking it out of the case. Some cases are meant for the phone to slide in and out when you wish to use it. Since cell phone companies know how easy it is for phones to get damaged, they often give you a case when you purchase your phone. However, if you're looking for something a little more fun to show off your own personal style, you may have to purchase your own.

You will definitely be able to find a case perfect for you if you look at cases made by designers such as Cole Haan and Juicy Couture. If you're looking for something with a little more bling, you can even get a case studded with Swarovski crystals.

How can I personalize my handbag?

Handbag Keychains

To personalize your handbags and set them apart from everyone else's, you can add keychains to your bag. Many people prefer to add one sophisticated keychain; you can find some very classy, but slightly expensive ones at Coach.com. Aside from cute dogs and animals, they also have a keychain for each letter of the alphabet so you can add your first initial to your handbag. Some people fully adorn their handbags with keychains, buying many of them while on vacation to new places so everyone can see where you've been. Whatever you choose to do, a keychain can make your handbag fit completely with your personality.

How can I protect my eyeglasses in my handbag?

Eyeglass Case

If you're carrying your eyeglasses or sunglasses in your handbag, you should always keep them in a case so they don't get damaged or scratched. Many times your glasses will come with a case at the time of purchase, but if desired, you can buy a case that expresses your personality better than the one you get from the optometrist. But first you should always ask your optometrist if he or she can show you a selection of the cases the store has in stock. Often times, they will let you pick out the case you want; and many of them have designer's names written on them. If these still don't strike your fancy, many gift and museum shops sell fun and quirky eyeglass cases for relatively low prices. Remember, if you wear contacts, you should always carry around an extra case and solution for them in your eyeglass case.

How can I protect my passport?

Passport Case

You probably never think you'll need a passport case until that one time you just can't find your passport. Then you realize that the passport could be anywhere and the drab blue colored cover isn't going to be very easy to spot. When you do have your passport stashed in your purse, it can get ripped and damaged and your passport is one document you should keep as clean and pristine as possible.

The Container Store makes vibrantly colored suede passport cases so you will never lose your passport again. Just slide the passport into the case and the bright colors of the suede will catch your eye anywhere. Stick it in your handbag and the passport will be protected from damage and will be very easy for you to spot.

For a more sophisticated passport case, look for cases made by designers like Tumi. While the prices are a bit higher, the leather cases will protect your passport and make you look like a smart world traveler.

How can I organize my credit cards?

Credit Card Case

Are your credit cards constantly getting lost in the depths of your handbag? Is your wallet so stuffed full of cards that the seams are ripping? If so, you probably need a credit card holder to hold and organize all of your cards. Some people are able to keep their credit cards properly organized in a normal wallet, but other people need a little help.

Umbra makes a really cool credit card holder called the "bungee cord case." This ultra slim, aluminum case comes in a variety of bright colors and fits perfectly into any size purse. You pull the bungee corded top off and slide all of your credit cards right in. There's no chance of any of your cards getting lost or falling into the black hole of your handbag.

Many designer purse brands also manufacture credit card wallets if you're looking for something a little more fashionable. Dooney and Burke, TUMI, and Tommy Hilfiger are just a few of the companies that make stylish credit card cases.

What do I need a wallet for?

Handbag Matching Wallets

Wallets serve many various purposes for different people. If you can't afford the designer handbag you've been dying for, you can probably get the same or a similar pattern in a wallet style for a much cheaper price. Or you can simply add to your collection by purchasing a wallet to use in conjunction with your bag. Wallets can serve to show off more of your fashion sense or they can be extremely functional.

A lot of people love the Magic Wallet which you may have seen advertised on television. The Magic Wallet actually organizes your receipts and papers for you; you place them in the wallet, open and close it, and your papers will be bound to the wallet by the wallet's elastics. Not only is it handy to carry around but you can also entertain your friends by showing them the wallet's magic.

How can I dress up my boring handbag?

Handbag Scarves

Do you love the sleek new leather of your new handbag but are sick of carrying the same bag everyday? Does your handbag simply lack character? Or do you just want to match your bag to your outfit each day?

In any case, handbag scarves are the perfect idea for you. You can buy regular scarves at many different retailers at a large range of prices. You can buy cheap scarves at discount stores or more expensive ones at designer stores. You can buy solid colors or crazy, bold patterns. Tie the scarf to the straps of your handbag and your bag is instantly transformed. Can't afford a Coach handbag? Buy a Coach scarf, tie it to your bag, and your purse will seem brand new. Buy multiple scarves to give your handbag a new look every day.

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