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What kind of bag should I use when I don't want to use a backpack?

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are a great alternative when you need a bag bigger than a purse but don't want to lug around a backpack. Messenger bags can be used by both women and men and they became popular in the 1990's as a sort of anti-fashion statement. Originally used by bicycle messengers, the bags are usually large enough to fit newspapers, magazine, and courier-size letters so they're also perfect for school books and other supplies. The bags have one strap that goes over the shoulder and across a person's body. A messenger bag is a great option for you if you think backpacks are dorky looking and want to use a bag that's a little cooler looking. Messenger bags are also fun because you can decorate them with buttons or patches.

Will I need a handbag for my wedding?

Bridal Handbags

Since you probably don't envision yourself walking down the aisle carrying a purse, purchasing a bridal handbag most likely isn't the first thing on your list to buy for your big day. However, you will still want to have a handbag to hold some of your essentials, such as lipstick and other necessary cosmetics, and you definitely won't look right carrying a big black or bright pink purse. You can buy a handbag to use for your wedding anywhere but bridal stores have many handbags made especially for brides. You'll probably want a small, elegant looking bag that matches or at least doesn't clash with your dress. Bridal handbags are often silk or satin and some have beads or other decorations adorning them. Purchase a bag that you think will be the perfect size for you. Remember, you don't have to carry your bag around much if you don't want to. Leave it with one of your friends during the ceremony and keep it at your seat during the reception. You'll probably be glad you have it when you duck into the bathroom and decide you need a bit of touching up.

Why bag should I use for when I'm playing sports?

Cinch Sack Bags

Cinch sack bags are generally used by athletes to carry their belongings and equipment around. They are sometimes referred to as sack bags or equipments bags. The bags are usually manufactured out of nylon, and are shaped like sacks with a drawstring closer. Two thin straps on each side of the bag are used to carry the bag over your shoulders, backpack style. These Cinch sack bags are great because they are extremely lightweight and allow you to leave the big gym bag at home when going to play sports. Soccer players love them because a soccer ball can fit easily in the bag. Companies like Nike and Adidas have designed many cinch sack bags with their logos on them. Now you can find them with pro sports teams logos, designer names, and more. If you are on or are coaching an athletic team, you may want to consider purchasing each of the players cinch sack bags screen printed with your team's logo.

What kind of backpack should I buy?


Backpacks can be used for many different activities, and various brands and styles are good for different purposes. Children and teens generally use backpacks at school to lug their books around. L.L. Bean backpacks are extremely popular for school-age kids; they come in many sizes and colors and also offer the option of getting one's initials embroidered on the bag. These days, many adventurers use backpacks for their outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, and camping. The North Face brand offers a large variety of functional backpacks for use in the outdoors. The North Face breaks their backpacks into various categories including: expedition and technical, backpacking, performance, and daypacks. Each backpack has varying amounts of padding and a different number of straps, pockets, bungees, water bottle pockets, etc. Do a lot of research before buying a backpack and depending on your needs, you will be able to find the one that's perfect for you.

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