Vera Bradley Handbags

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What are Very Bradley Handbags and why would I want one?

Vera Bradley Handbags Tip: In 1982 and with only $500, two women formed Vera Bradley Designs in order to create functional and attractive luggage for women. The vibrantly colored, quilted duffel bags, once mainly popular among older women, have recently become a hot designer bag among anyone from teenagers to women in their 20's and older. The fabric handbags come in many different sizes and styles, so whether you're looking for a small tote or a roller suitcase, you can pick it out in the pattern you like best.

You will love Vera Bradley handbags if you enjoy vibrantly bright, feminine colors and patterns. Vera Bradley bags are sold at various Hallmark stores around the country, as well as many other gift stores and luggage retailers. The company releases many new patterns and bag styles each season so you can be constantly updating your handbag wardrobe. You should be aware that many companies have followed in Vera Bradley's suit, creating their own line of quilted handbags. To be certain your Vera Bradley bag is authentic, make sure the store you shop at is a reputable Vera Bradley retailer.



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