Suede Handbags

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Why should I buy a suede handbag?

Suede Handbags

Suede handbags are extremely stylish and can usually dress up any look. Even canvas bags or bags manufactured with other types of fabric often have some sort of suede detailing or decoration. The downside to suede is that it can become dirty very easily and the material is difficult to clean. For the best results when cleaning your suede handbag:

  • you should bring it to a professional dry cleaner. Even then, the cleaner may not be able to make your bag look like new again so you should always take extra care to keep your bag clean to begin with.
  • If you want to clean your suede handbag on your own, buy a special suede cleaner sold at many designer handbag stores. Ask a store employee if you need help choosing the best one.
  • Never use a leather cleaner or protector on your suede bag.
  • for an easy, quick cleaning of suede details, try rubbing the material with an eraser. This will not do a perfect job but may help to lessen the staining her discoloration.



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