Faux Fur Adorned Handbags

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Why should I buy faux fur adorned handbag?

Faux Fur Adorned Handbags

Faux fur trim or decoration can make a typically boring handbag into a hot, trendy purse. Fur trimmed bags are perfect for the winter months but should definitely be avoided once the weather begins to get warm. The great thing about faux fur is that unless it's white, it usually doesn't get stained or appear dirty. However, you will want to try your best to avoid getting caught in the rain with faux fur on your bag as it can get wet and smelly. To care for the faux fur on your bag:

  • If the fur does get wet, leave the handbag in an open space with plenty of ventilation to dry. Do not place it directly in front of heat.
  • To keep your faux fur in good condition you can brush it with a normal hairbrush. Make sure you brush it in the direction of the fur.
  • Try to avoid too much friction against the faux fur as you do not want it to wear away.
  • If you do have a noticeable stain on the faux fur on your handbag, take it to a professional cleaner as you may end up making the stain worse.



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