Credit Card Case

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How can I organize my credit cards?

Credit Card Case

Are your credit cards constantly getting lost in the depths of your handbag? Is your wallet so stuffed full of cards that the seams are ripping? If so, you probably need a credit card holder to hold and organize all of your cards. Some people are able to keep their credit cards properly organized in a normal wallet, but other people need a little help.

Umbra makes a really cool credit card holder called the "bungee cord case." This ultra slim, aluminum case comes in a variety of bright colors and fits perfectly into any size purse. You pull the bungee corded top off and slide all of your credit cards right in. There's no chance of any of your cards getting lost or falling into the black hole of your handbag.

Many designer purse brands also manufacture credit card wallets if you're looking for something a little more fashionable. Dooney and Burke, TUMI, and Tommy Hilfiger are just a few of the companies that make stylish credit card cases.



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