Eyeglass Case

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How can I protect my eyeglasses in my handbag?

Eyeglass Case

If you're carrying your eyeglasses or sunglasses in your handbag, you should always keep them in a case so they don't get damaged or scratched. Many times your glasses will come with a case at the time of purchase, but if desired, you can buy a case that expresses your personality better than the one you get from the optometrist. But first you should always ask your optometrist if he or she can show you a selection of the cases the store has in stock. Often times, they will let you pick out the case you want; and many of them have designer's names written on them. If these still don't strike your fancy, many gift and museum shops sell fun and quirky eyeglass cases for relatively low prices. Remember, if you wear contacts, you should always carry around an extra case and solution for them in your eyeglass case.



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