Look For Coupons and Special Sales at Department Stores

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Where can I buy discount handbags?

Look For Coupons and Special Sales at Department Stores

Belisi.com Tip: Most high end department stores have designer handbags. Many of them carry everything from Coach to Louise Vuitton and even Prada and Gucci. Department stores also send out a lot of coupons to their customers. Next time you receive a coupon for a department store, consider putting it toward a new purse. Make sure you check the small print on the coupons as there are times when designer handbags are not included in the offers. For another money saving technique in department stores, consider opening a credit card account with the store when you are purchasing your handbag. Often, when you open a charge, the store gives you a certain percentage off your entire purchase. Lastly, department stores seem to have much better handbag sales than even the handbag stores do. Sometimes at Macy's, for instance, all Guess bags are 30% off. They always have a large selection of Coach handbags on sale or clearance as well. Go to the store and browse the purses to find the sales as they will not often announce them on their websites.



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