Uses For Vintage Carpetbags

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When would I use a vintage carpetbag?

Uses For Vintage Carpetbags

One of the most popular vintage handbags is the carpetbag. Popular in the mid to late 1800s, carpetbags, made out of old carpets, were one of the cheapest handbags around. If carpetbags are already familiar to you, it may be be in part due to the movie Mary Poppins, in which Mary herself was usually carrying one. However, men, including Sir Walter Raleigh and Abe Lincoln also carried carpet bags. Carpetbags are also sometimes referred to as valise bags or tapestry bags. A carpetbag would be perfect for you if you are looking for a vintage bag to carry your knitting supplies, your work supplies, or your clothes and cosmetics for an overnight trip. These bags mostly still function how they were intended to; as travel bags. While they don't necessarily have the designer, high fashion names to them, carpetbags are true vintage handbags.



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