Using Vintage Handbags as Decorations

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What can I do with my vintage handbags when I'm not using them?

Using Vintage Handbags as Decorations

While vintage handbags can give your outfit a sleek, classy look, you can do more with them than just wear your handbags out to a party. Vintage handbags are actually great decorations when displayed in the correct way. Hanging pretty, beaded bags on the wall can look much nicer and more classy than simply hanging a tapestry and box purses displayed on a shelf will also brighten any room. Even if you wear your purses out, you could still consider putting them on display when you're not using them. Simply hang them on wall hooks throughout your room so all your visitors can see your collection. However, you probably shouldn't hang expensive handbags when not in use; the more valuable bags should be stored in their own protective dust bags.



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