Cleaning Vintage Beaded Box Handbags

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How do I clean my vintage beaded box handbag?

Cleaning Vintage Beaded Box Handbags

Vintage beaded box handbags were made popular in the 1940s due to the scarcity of metals and other materials used to make purse frames. These beaded box handbags are extremely susceptible to becoming dirty but are actually relatively easy to clean. One thing to remember is that because the bag has a hard cardboard base, you should never soak your box handbag in water or to spray water directly on the bag. The best way you can clean your bag is to fill a cup with water and a couple drops of mild soap. Then lightly brush the bag with a toothbrush dipped into the solution. Brush the bad in the direction of the bead work. This brushing should lift off any dust on your vintage bag and allow the bead work to shine. Let the handbag air dry and store in a cool, dry place when not using. Never store your vintage handbag in plastic as it always needs to be able to breathe.



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