Post Pics of the Handbag in Question Online

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How can tell if a handbag is authentic?

Post Pics of the Handbag in Question Online

If you've ever done a search for authentic handbags online, you have probably found that there is a huge community of people determined to outsmart the fakers and only buy authentic handbags. The great thing about this is that most people are willing to help their fellow handbag shoppers. There are many sites and member forums that allow you to post pictures of your potential new bag and allow others to comment on whether or not they think it's real and why. If you're considering purchasing a bag, it's probably a good idea for you to post its picture on one of these sites so you can hear other expert opinions. There are also slightly more entertaining sites such as The Bag Lady's Who Are They Kidding? forum where obvious fakes are posted and then commented on. Remember the handbag shopping community is extremely large and most people want to help their fellow shoppers out, so when in doubt about the authenticity of a bag, don't be afraid to ask.



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