When Purchasing Handbags, Look For Extras

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How can I be sure the handbag I'm buying is authentic?

When Purchasing Handbags, Look For Extras

When you're purchasing a designer handbag off eBay or other websites, look for the extras they are giving you with the sale of the bag. For instance, does your designer handbag come with a dust bag? Does it come with a box, packaging, or authenticity card? If the bag doesn't come with these extras, chances are it's not real. Even if the bag does come with packaging and cards, you should still be careful as fakers are learning to reproduce even these extras. When buying on eBay, ask the seller for pictures of each of the extras and compare them to the real thing. If the extras all match up to the authentic extras and everything is spelled correctly, chances are that your handbag is authentic.



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