Make Sure the Brand is Spelled Correctly

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How can I make sure the handbag I'm buying is authentic?

Make Sure the Brand is Spelled Correctly

When purchasing an authentic designer handbag, make sure that the brand name is spelled correctly on the bag. Many sellers of fake bags will design a very similar bag to the original and then spell the brand name on the label incorrectly. For instance, on some fake Burberry bags instead of writing "Burberry" on the label, the fake bag will say "Burberrys" Or a fake "Gucci" will say "Gucce" The reason sellers of fake bags do this is because it is illegal to copy designer purses and pass them off as authentic. If they spell the name on the bag incorrectly, they can claim that they weren't trying to fool the buyer. As the buyer, you need to be smart and be able to tell if the seller is trying to fool you.



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