The Downside to Fake Handbags

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Is there a downside to buying fake handbags?

The Downside to Fake Handbags

While many people don't have a problem with buying fake handbags, you should at least know of the repercussions before you purchase one. Chances are, you won't get in trouble for purchasing a fake, but here are some of the things that could happen:

  • We, the tax payers are paying for fakes: The sellers of fake bags are evading taxes and therefore, we are taking on the burden. Do you really want to pay taxes for counterfeiters?
  • In purchasing fake handbags, we are supporting organized crime and illegal activity. While it hasn't been proved, some say that some terrorists get their money though the selling of fake designer items.
If you know of any fake handbags being sold illegally, you can contact the authentic brand through their website and let them know the details of the fakers.



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