Designing and Making Your Own Handbags

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How can I have my own one of a kind bag?

Designing and Making Your Own Handbags

One of the hottest trends in handbags is designing and making your own. While everyone wants the hottest designer bag, lately it seems even more cool to own a bag that nobody else has. Whether you go to a store like 1154 Lill Studio and choose the style and fabric and have them sew it for you, or you make your entire bag from scratch, the bag is one that is made just for you. While having the latest, most expensive new Gucci bag is always a trend, having your own personally designed bag is the nest best thing. If you want to show a friend how well you know them, consider designing a bag especially for them.



2/15/2009 3:03:35 PM
CJ Tracey said:

There's a store in Janesville, WI named APJ Designs/Handbags where you can design your own & they will sew them for you. Check out their website.


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