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What kind of handbags are appropriate to wear at work?

Business Appropriate Handbags Tip: Because there are so many brands and styles of handbags these days, it may be hard for you to determine whether or not a purse is appropriate for you to wear to work. While it's absolutely fine to wear high-end designer handbags, make sure the colors aren't too bright and there are no flashy rhinestones or ornaments on the bag. The best handbags for work have simple, tailored lines and are either solid solid colors. Look for black, white, navy, or brown handbags. Of course other colors are fine too as long as they are not flashy gold, silver, or bright patterns. The most appropriate handbag also depends on where you work. If you work at a place where creativity is important, you might be able to stretch the rules as far as handbag wearing goes. But if you work at a more conservative business and are attending a lot of meetings, you will probably want to tone your look down. Leathers are generally the most classy for business situations but other materials are appropriate as well. If you are traveling and in and out of meetings all day, consider a larger leather briefcase type handbag.



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