Adding Your Personality To Your Handbag

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How can I add my personality to a handbag?

Adding Your Personality To Your Handbag

A great trend in purses is to buy a cheap, non-designer purse and add your own personality to it. Why bother spending thousands of dollars on a Gucci bag when you pass by ten other people wearing the same bag daily? You can buy a plain, sleek bag and add your own flair to it that nobody else will have. Some good ideas for adding your personality to a plain handbag include key chains, scarves, and buttons. If you buy a plain handbag but still want everyone to know who your favorite designer is, add Coach key chains to your bag, or a Fendi scarf. People may even look at your bag and believe it is a Coach or Fendi handbag simply from the accessories you add to it.



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