Look Skinner With the Right Handbag

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How can my handbag make me look thinner?

Look Skinner With the Right Handbag

Belisi.com Tip: Many people will do anything to get a thinner figure, so why not start with something you have full control over? Your handbag! Many people believe that your handbag can actually have an effect on making you look larger or slimmer, and taller or shorter. So, rather than just picking out a handbag that you like, you just make an effort to choose a handbag that looks good on your body. For instance, if you have a short but chubbier build, a tiny little bag will probably give the illusion that you are much larger. The best way to make your handbag compliment your build is to shop for a handbag with a shape opposite from your own body's shape. Therefore, if you're short with a larger build, you may want to shop for a bag that's long and thin. And if you're tall and thin, you make want a shorter, round bag or even an oversized handbag. You should play with the different shapes and sizes to find one that's best for your body.



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