The Trend of Wristlets

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Why are wristlets a new trend?

The Trend of Wristlets Tip: Wristlets are one type of trendy handbags among many people, especially high school age females. One of the main reasons wristlets are so popular is because of the fact that they come in designer handbag names but are generally much cheaper than larger handbags. For instance, a Coach wristlet will generally cost about $58 while a small Coach hobo handbag costs about $198. Since designer handbags are becoming extremely popular among high school age girls, many of their parents are opting to buy them wristlets rather than spend a lot of money on a handbag. Wristlets are also popular because they allow girls to go out with a tiny, easy to carry bag that fits their small cell phone, credit cards, license, and some cash. Designers such as Coach have many different patterns and styles of wristlets since they are such big sellers.



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