Buying Multiple Handbags and Items in the Same Pattern

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Why do people have multiple handbags and items on the same brand and pattern?

Buying Multiple Handbags and Items in the Same Pattern Tip: One of the latest handbag trends is collecting many different styles of bag and accessories by the same brand in the same pattern. Many people are even beginning to buy luggage in their favorite brand and style. One of the most popular brands to collect is Vera Bradley. Women will pick out their favorite Vera Bradley pattern and begin collecting all of the pieces. Not only do they buy purses, wallets, and wristlets, but they buy larger duffel bags and even suitcases. Women take pride on having a signature pattern that their friends know them by. Vera Bradley has gone so far as to make insulated lunch bags, umbrellas, and note cards, so you can have your signature pattern in every aspect of your life. While this works fairly well with a brand like Vera Bradley whose prices aren't too outrageous, you could end up spending a lot of money if you choose to buy every item in your favorite Coach pattern. However, if you have a friend who has a favorite pattern of a handbag such as Vera Bradley's, you will always have something to buy for them for the holidays.



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