Getting Stains Out of Your Leather Handbag

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How can I get stains out of my leather handbag?

Getting Stains Out of Your Leather Handbag

There are many different substances that can stain your leather handbag and cause potentially permanent damage. If you follow this advice, you will have a better chance of getting rid of the stain before it permanently sets. For best results, treat the stain as soon as you possibly can. If the stain is stubborn and won't come out, you're best bet is to take your handbag to a leather-cleaning professional. For:

  • Water stains- allow the bag to dry naturally, keeping it away from artificial heat sources. If needed, condition bag with leather conditioner.
  • Gum- place ice cubes in a plastic baggie and rub the gum with the wrapped ice; this should harden the gum and allow you to easily remove it. If gum remains on the bag after trying this, heat the gum with a hairdryer on a low setting and rub the gum off with a cloth.
  • Salt stains- make a mixture three parts vinegar to one part water and rub solution on stain with a cloth.
  • Ink- a difficult stain to remove, but sometimes spraying the ink stain with a bit of hair spray and then wiping it off with a cloth will do the job.
  • Discoloration in general- purchase a leather spray that matches the leather color of your handbag and use it to re-store color.



7/17/2009 2:22:51 PM
Kelsey said:

For gum on a leather handbag I read peanut butter but that didn't work when I found a huge piece on my Marc Jacobs bag!!! I finally found somewhere saying warm vinegar (white) and it worked like you wouldn't believe. The leather's not even discolored. I highly recommend this method, I also highly recommend never putting your handbag on the ground!!


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