Caring For Your Exotic Leather Handbag

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How do I care for my exotic leather handbag?

Caring For Your Exotic Leather Handbag

Oftentimes exotic leather needs to be cared for more carefully than leather made from cowhide. Leather handbags made from crocodile and alligator can be beautiful but you must help them maintain their beauty with regular maintenance. Care for your exotic leather bag just as you would your cowhide leather bags as far as keeping them stored safely when not in use, keeping them out of the rain, and avoiding excessive heat and direct sunlight. However, exotic leathers generally have special membranes that keep the scales together and therefore they need to be conditioned and cleaned more frequently than leather from cowhide or other animals does. Also, if your exotic leather gets wet, you need to take extremely special care to dry it naturally or with a small fan if needed. After drying wet leather, you should always condition the leather. Never use paper towels to dry your exotic leather handbag as the towels could scratch the leather.



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