How To Fix a Wrinkled Leather Handbag

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How do I get the wrinkles out of my leather handbag?

How To Fix a Wrinkled Leather Handbag Tip: Sometimes no matter how carefully you care for your leather handbag, it gets wrinkled and bent out of shape. You should always try your best to keep your leather handbag stored carefully when not in use but occasionally your bag may somehow end up at the bottom of your closet. When you do discover your bag has become wrinkled and bent out of shape, there are a few steps you can take to get it looking like new again. If your leather bag is unlined, you can wipe down the inside with a solution of five parts white vinegar to one part water. Then stuff the bag with tissue paper so it will hold shape. If your bag has a lining, don't use the solution but just stuff it with tissue paper and leave it to sit for a few days. Sometimes if you just use your wrinkled leather handbag as you usually would, the wrinkles will come out on their own.



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