Design Your Own Handbags

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Where can I get a one of a kind handbag?

Design Your Own Handbags

One of the hottest new trends is to own a designer handbag that nobody else owns. This is made possible by visiting a store or attending a purse party where you are able to choose exactly the way your purse looks. Stores like 1154 Lill Studio offer hundreds of fabrics and more than 20 different purse styles so you can mix and match and create a bag that is just your style. You pick out the style of bag and various fabrics and your design is sent off and specially created just for you. Within two weeks you will have a one of a kind, original handbag. Designing your own handbag is a great activity to do with a friend but be prepared to spend an entire afternoon at the store since you will probably find yourself having a difficult time deciding exactly what you want your bag to look like. If you enjoy your handbag designing experience, many companies hire party hosts, so you can go from house to house throwing handbag designing parties.



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