Take Advantage of Price Adjustments

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How can I take advantage of a sale after purchasing a handbag?

Take Advantage of Price Adjustments

Have you ever bought an expensive handbag only to return to the store a week later and find out the handbag you just bought is on sale? You don't have to be upset when this happens; in many cases there is something you can do. Find out if the store offers price adjustments and bring your handbag back with the receipt as soon as possible. Often times stores will honor you the sale price on the bag as long as you made the purchase within two weeks prior to the sale. If the salesperson says no to a price adjustment, you can tell them you want to return the item, and in many cases they will choose to honor the sale price to you rather than to lose your sale altogether. You can also get price adjustments on handbags purchased online. Try calling customer service if you see a handbag go on sale within two weeks of purchasing it online and see if they will honor the sale.



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