Check A Store's Return Policy Before Purchasing

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What do I need to know before purchasing a handbag?

Check A Store's Return Policy Before Purchasing

Just as you would check a seller's return policy on Ebay before purchasing a handbag, you should always check a store's return policy before making a purchase. All stores vary on their return policies so you should never assume anything and should instead, read the policy each time you shop a new store. Some stores offer returns within thirty days, some give more time, and some don't offer returns at all; opting to only give in-store exchanges or credits. If a store only offers exchanges rather than refunds, you need to decide if there is something else you would be happy purchasing in the store. When shopping for handbags online you should also make sure of the return policy. Keep in mind that many stores will make you pay shipping costs when making returns. If there is a chance you may need to return the purse, check to see if the online store has any physical locations close to you where you can make the purchase rather than buying it online.



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