Instead of Returning Handbag, Regift!

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What alternatives to returning my handbag do I have?

Instead of Returning Handbag, Regift! Tip: If you buy a handbag and later decide you want to return it or are given a gift of a handbag that's not your style, consider your other options before bringing it back to the store. Do you have a friend or family member who would enjoy the purse fashion? Instead of going through the hassle of returning and possibly losing money through the return, it may be a better idea for you to re-gift the handbag. Just because the handbag might not be your style or doesn't match your wardrobe, doesn't mean someone you know won't get enjoyment out of it. And you will save some stress during the holiday season when you already have some of your gifts ready to go. If the handbag was a gift to you, chances are you won't have the receipt, which means you will potentially get less money for its return than it's worth. Especially if you are going to lose money on your return, consider saving the handbag and re-gifting it. If you don't know anyone who would be pleased to receive your handbag as a gift, consider putting it on Ebay and trying to make some money back on it.



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