Sharing Your Handbag Collection with a Friend

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How can I afford more handbags?

Sharing Your Handbag Collection with a Friend Tip: One of the reasons handbags are so much fun is that you can match them to every outfit you wear. However, it can get frustrating when you can't find the perfect matching handbag for a new outfit. Because they can be expensive, you might consider asking a friend to share. You can swap handbags with each other, essentially doubling your choices. If you're allowing a friend to borrow one of your expensive designer purses, make sure it is someone you trust to properly care for the bag. Come up with some rules ahead of time, for instance, what will happen if one of you damages or loses a bag? When borrowing a friend's bag, take special care with it keeping in mind how you would feel if someone damaged your handbag.



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