Borrowing Handbags Through Websites

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How can I afford more handbags?

Borrowing Handbags Through Websites Tip: If you know you need a clutch purse for a special occasion but will never use it again or if you merely enjoy changing purses up every month, you should consider joining a purse borrowing website. Sites like allow you to pay a fee to borrow a purse for a week, a month, or longer. You must sign up and pay a membership fee in order to utilize the site. Then you pay a weekly or monthly fee to borrow each bag you choose. Fees vary depending on the price level of the bag. When you're ready to return the handbag, simply put it in the pre-paid UPS labeled box and drop it at a UPS location. For the first three months of your membership, you can borrow up to three bags at a time. After three months, you can borrow up to five, selecting from any of the over 100 brands ranging from Prada to Coach to Juicy Couture. If you borrow a bag and fall in love with it, take advantage of the site's "steal" option allowing you the opportunity to buy the bag at a somewhat reduced price.



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