Handbag Sharing Etiquette

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Are there rules I should follow when borrowing a friend's handbag?

Handbag Sharing Etiquette

When a friend lets you borrow a handbag, you need to be extra careful with it. Only put in the bag what you need to be carrying around to avoid clutter. There are certain items you should avoid putting in your friends purse such as gum, candy, or pens. This is because there is a large potential for messes to be made with these items; gums can get stuck to bag, candies can melt, and pens can explode. If you do have an accident with your friend's handbag, you should tell them about it immediately. Even if you think you can get the stain or mess out, in the cleaning process you could actually end up doing more harm to the bad. Your friend may have a certain technique she uses or a favorite professional cleaner who she would rather bring her handbag to. If you have permanently damaged your friend's handbag, you must offer them the money to replace it. Even if your friend's handbag isn't made by a high end designer, it could still be their favorite purse and you need to treat it as carefully as possible. Also, be considerate when you're sharing and don't constantly be asking to borrow your friend's purse. Once in a while is all right, but your friend will begin to get annoyed if you always have one of their purses and don't offer to share your own.



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