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How can I have more handbags without buying them?

Start a Handbag Sharing Club Tip: Start a handbag sharing club with your closest friends. While you may not want to involve your most expensive handbags, this is a great idea for you and your friends to share your lower end handbags. Have a formal occasion you need to attend and don't have the perfect black purse? Instead of going out and buying a new evening handbag, check out your friend's collection. To start a club, you should initially set up rules that you all need to follow, such as how long you can borrow the bags for, what happens if damage occurs, etc. Next you should write up a sign up book and sign out cards. This will help in keeping track of who has what bag. Also, You can make a book displaying all available handbags, make a copy for each member of the club, and bind using a three ring holder or binder. So, when you buy a great new outfit, you can refer to the book and decide what handbag you want to borrow. As club members purchase new purses, simply take a picture, make copies, and add to the book. A handbag sharing club is a great way to multiply the number of handbags accessible to you in a fair, friendly manner.



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