Leather Handbags

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Why should I buy a leather handbag?

Leather Handbags

Leather is one of the most popular materials with which handbags are made. Because leather can be quite expensive, many people consider having a leather handbag a status symbol. If you want your leather bag to last a lifetime, you must be certain to take proper care of it. To care for your leather handbag:

  • Try to keep your purse in its dustbag as this will prevent the bag from getting dusty or from having any type of liquid spill on it.
  • Using a leather conditioner on your bag a few times a year will help it remain durable and shiny. This will also prevent the leather from cracking.
  • If you spill any type of oil or grease on your leather purse, try grinding up blackboard chalk and sprinkling it over the stain. Leave the chalk on the stain for 24 hours before brushing it away.
  • Avoid using any shoe polishes or waxes when cleaning your leather handbag.
  • When in doubt, take your handbag to a professional cleaner as you don't want to cause damage to your bag.



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