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Is it okay for a man to carry a manbag?

Men and Their Manbags

A huge trends in handbags these days are called manbags. A manbag is a handbag carried around by a man. While many men consider carrying a handbag to be too metro-sexual, some men are realizing it's not fair they have to carry everything around in their pockets while women always get to carry bags. Some men also want to participate in the designer accessory buying that women have always been privy to. To avoid teasing from other men, if you are considering buying a manbag, you should probably purchase one that is specially made for men. Many high-end designers actually do have their own men's lines. For instance, Coach makes everything from men's totes to leather duffles. If you desperately want a manbag but are worried about what the other men will say, start with something a little more manly like a messenger bag or leather briefcase. And carry something manly in your bag like a laptop or your little black book. Once you're comfortable with this, you can buy the Louis Vuitton tote bag you've been eyeing!

How can I have my own one of a kind bag?

Designing and Making Your Own Handbags

One of the hottest trends in handbags is designing and making your own. While everyone wants the hottest designer bag, lately it seems even more cool to own a bag that nobody else has. Whether you go to a store like 1154 Lill Studio and choose the style and fabric and have them sew it for you, or you make your entire bag from scratch, the bag is one that is made just for you. While having the latest, most expensive new Gucci bag is always a trend, having your own personally designed bag is the nest best thing. If you want to show a friend how well you know them, consider designing a bag especially for them.

How can I add my personality to a handbag?

Adding Your Personality To Your Handbag

A great trend in purses is to buy a cheap, non-designer purse and add your own personality to it. Why bother spending thousands of dollars on a Gucci bag when you pass by ten other people wearing the same bag daily? You can buy a plain, sleek bag and add your own flair to it that nobody else will have. Some good ideas for adding your personality to a plain handbag include key chains, scarves, and buttons. If you buy a plain handbag but still want everyone to know who your favorite designer is, add Coach key chains to your bag, or a Fendi scarf. People may even look at your bag and believe it is a Coach or Fendi handbag simply from the accessories you add to it.

Why have I seen so many glitzy, flahsy handbags lately?

The Trend Of Glitzy, Flashy Handbags

Lately, women have been wearing handbags that are extremely glitzy and flashy, With gold as the latest color trend, gold handbags with lots of bling on them have become very popular. While this trend is fun, you should be careful not to spend too much money on glitzy handbags as no one is sure how long this trend will last. Luckily, you can find many gold and silver bags with rhinestones, sequins, and other flashy ornaments pretty cheaply at store everywhere. For the best deal, shop your local Target or Walmart. You don't need to shop around to get a high quality bag if you're just planning on using it for a short while. Glitzy, flashy bags are a lot of fun to wear out at night and it can't hurt to buy one or two.

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