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How do I make my own leather handbag?

Making Your Own Leather Handbag

Instead of paying a fortune for a leather handbag that anyone else can buy, why not learn to make your own original? If you're already handy with a sewing machine, making your own bag shouldn't be a problem for you. First, you need to decide what you want your handbag to look like. You can find many leather handbag patterns at craft stores or even by doing on online search. You can also go to a craft store or an online store to buy pieces of leather. Many stores sell leather from all different animals in all different texture in colors. Some even sell glow in the dark leather! You will want to make sure you have an extra sharp needle that will cut through the leather easily and 100% polyester sewing thread as opposed to any type of cotton thread. Wax chalk will also be useful for marking the leather. Once you have your pattern and supplies, you're ready to sew your leather handbag just as you would with any other fabric.

How can I tell if a leather handbag is high quality?

What To Look For When Buying a Leather Handbag

Leather comes in many different forms which vary in quality and price. So, just because you're purchasing a leather handbag, doesn't mean it has to cost an arm and a leg; all leather handbags are not created equally. In order to make sure you are purchasing a high quality leather bag, there are a few things you should look for. First of all, look closely at the suppleness of the leather. Leather that is of a higher quality will be soft and easily bendable. If your handbag is made of stiff leather, it will be more susceptible to cracking. You should also look at the reputation of the company from which you're buying your handbag. The high end designers will naturally have higher quality leather bags while it is more difficult to tell how high a quality the leather bags are from lesser known companies.

What is an alternative to a leather handbag?

Real Leather or Pleather?

Maybe you're looking to purchase a leather bag but know that you can't afford one. Or maybe you don't want to buy a real leather bag because of your beliefs against animal cruelty. Whatever the case, many people buy bags made from pleather, a synthetic leather that's actually made from plastic. Pleather is lighter than leather making pleather handbags easier to carry around than those made of leather. To an undiscerning eye, a pleather handbag may even look like a genuine leather handbag. Like leather, there are also different types of pleather. Most people believe that the best pleather is made from polyurethane because it is washable and can be dry cleaned. Though some people look down upon it, pleather is a great alternative to real, genuine leather.

How do I care for my exotic leather handbag?

Caring For Your Exotic Leather Handbag

Oftentimes exotic leather needs to be cared for more carefully than leather made from cowhide. Leather handbags made from crocodile and alligator can be beautiful but you must help them maintain their beauty with regular maintenance. Care for your exotic leather bag just as you would your cowhide leather bags as far as keeping them stored safely when not in use, keeping them out of the rain, and avoiding excessive heat and direct sunlight. However, exotic leathers generally have special membranes that keep the scales together and therefore they need to be conditioned and cleaned more frequently than leather from cowhide or other animals does. Also, if your exotic leather gets wet, you need to take extremely special care to dry it naturally or with a small fan if needed. After drying wet leather, you should always condition the leather. Never use paper towels to dry your exotic leather handbag as the towels could scratch the leather.

What kinds of leather handbags can I get?

Know What Kind of Leather Handbag You Want

Leather doesn't just come from cows. Though the leather used for handbags usually comes from cowhide, there are many exceptions. And when you're purchasing a handbag, you should know what kind of leather you prefer it to be made from as they are all quite different. Some other animals leather handbags can be made of are calves, snakes, alligators, kangaroos, ostriches,pigs, and sting rays. Many of the more exotic leather such as alligator and crocodile are much more expensive than cowhide leather.

How can I get stains out of my leather handbag?

Getting Stains Out of Your Leather Handbag

There are many different substances that can stain your leather handbag and cause potentially permanent damage. If you follow this advice, you will have a better chance of getting rid of the stain before it permanently sets. For best results, treat the stain as soon as you possibly can. If the stain is stubborn and won't come out, you're best bet is to take your handbag to a leather-cleaning professional. For:

  • Water stains- allow the bag to dry naturally, keeping it away from artificial heat sources. If needed, condition bag with leather conditioner.
  • Gum- place ice cubes in a plastic baggie and rub the gum with the wrapped ice; this should harden the gum and allow you to easily remove it. If gum remains on the bag after trying this, heat the gum with a hairdryer on a low setting and rub the gum off with a cloth.
  • Salt stains- make a mixture three parts vinegar to one part water and rub solution on stain with a cloth.
  • Ink- a difficult stain to remove, but sometimes spraying the ink stain with a bit of hair spray and then wiping it off with a cloth will do the job.
  • Discoloration in general- purchase a leather spray that matches the leather color of your handbag and use it to re-store color.

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