Bridal Handbags

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Will I need a handbag for my wedding?

Bridal Handbags

Since you probably don't envision yourself walking down the aisle carrying a purse, purchasing a bridal handbag most likely isn't the first thing on your list to buy for your big day. However, you will still want to have a handbag to hold some of your essentials, such as lipstick and other necessary cosmetics, and you definitely won't look right carrying a big black or bright pink purse. You can buy a handbag to use for your wedding anywhere but bridal stores have many handbags made especially for brides. You'll probably want a small, elegant looking bag that matches or at least doesn't clash with your dress. Bridal handbags are often silk or satin and some have beads or other decorations adorning them. Purchase a bag that you think will be the perfect size for you. Remember, you don't have to carry your bag around much if you don't want to. Leave it with one of your friends during the ceremony and keep it at your seat during the reception. You'll probably be glad you have it when you duck into the bathroom and decide you need a bit of touching up.



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