Go Through Grandma's Closet

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Where can I find vintage handbags?

Go Through Grandma's Closet

When you were younger you probably thought your grandmother had awful style. But maybe it's time to take another look at her closet. Just because your grandmother wears button down cardigans and sweatpants while she's sitting at home doesn't mean she wasn't incredibly stylish back in the day. Even if she never had a great sense of style, chances are she had a handbag or two. There's a strong possibility that if your grandma saved her old purses, you will be able to find a vintage bag to wear out or to decorate your room with. And if your grandma no longer wants her vintage handbags and they're not your style, you can try selling them at your own yard sale or a secondhand shop. Whether or not you find any that you like, it may be a good idea if you start saving your old handbags for your future children and grandchildren.



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