Real Leather or Pleather?

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What is an alternative to a leather handbag?

Real Leather or Pleather?

Maybe you're looking to purchase a leather bag but know that you can't afford one. Or maybe you don't want to buy a real leather bag because of your beliefs against animal cruelty. Whatever the case, many people buy bags made from pleather, a synthetic leather that's actually made from plastic. Pleather is lighter than leather making pleather handbags easier to carry around than those made of leather. To an undiscerning eye, a pleather handbag may even look like a genuine leather handbag. Like leather, there are also different types of pleather. Most people believe that the best pleather is made from polyurethane because it is washable and can be dry cleaned. Though some people look down upon it, pleather is a great alternative to real, genuine leather.



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