Making Your Own Leather Handbag

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How do I make my own leather handbag?

Making Your Own Leather Handbag

Instead of paying a fortune for a leather handbag that anyone else can buy, why not learn to make your own original? If you're already handy with a sewing machine, making your own bag shouldn't be a problem for you. First, you need to decide what you want your handbag to look like. You can find many leather handbag patterns at craft stores or even by doing on online search. You can also go to a craft store or an online store to buy pieces of leather. Many stores sell leather from all different animals in all different texture in colors. Some even sell glow in the dark leather! You will want to make sure you have an extra sharp needle that will cut through the leather easily and 100% polyester sewing thread as opposed to any type of cotton thread. Wax chalk will also be useful for marking the leather. Once you have your pattern and supplies, you're ready to sew your leather handbag just as you would with any other fabric.



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