Don't Abuse Retailers' Return Policies

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Can I make money from returning a handbag?

Don't Abuse Retailers' Return Policies

Although you may be tempted, you should try your best not to abuse retailers' return policies. Abusing return policies may cause the prices of handbags to rise in the future and may also cause retailers to make their return policies stricter. Some people will buy handbags at discount stores and try to return them at department stores or other retailers. Some even purchase fake designer handbags and attempt to pass them off as real handbags while making returns. Remember, the sales associates at designer handbag retailers are generally very knowledgeable about the product and will be able to determine a fake when they see one. When purchasing handbags on Ebay, some buyers decide they don't like the bag, damage it, and then claim the bag arrived damaged. Doing so causes seller/buyer trust on Ebay to lessen and makes it more difficult for everyone to conduct honest sales. Always follow the store or individual's return policy in order to get the most success out of your return.



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