Be a Good Handbag Samaritan

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How can I help my friend who uses the same purse every day?

Be a Good Handbag Samaritan Tip: Does one of your friends use the same handbag day in and day out, season after season? Does she use a straw handbag in the winter or a fir-trimmed bag in the summer? If you know someone with these "purse problems," you may be able to help. Start by offering your friend the use of one of your handbags. Let them know you have a bag that would look great with their outfit and you'd love to let them use it. Maybe your friend doesn't have a lot of money to be buying new purses and could greatly benefit from using yours. Or maybe she just doesn't realize how much fun it is to own and use a variety of purses. By letting your friend borrow your purses, you could be opening up a whole new world of women's handbags for her. And soon enough, she may own enough purses to let you start borrowing some! In any case, you can always feel good about being a good handbag samaritan.



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